The Serenity Beach Resort

  • Price:     $15M US . Entire Resort Completed
  • Projected 2024 Unit Prices:  $499,000 – $1.2M US (Beachfront Villas)
  • Beach Villas: (12) Total. Studio, 2BR & 4BR (1st and or 2nd floors) & (6) Rental Rooms – Main Bld.
  • Location: Quarter Mile North Placencia Airstrip | 2 Miles North Placencia Village
  • Status: Active 
  • Type: Beach Resort 
  • Property Size: 2.4 AC Beachfront (Beach To Main Road). 273′ of Caribbean Sea Frontage
  • Villa Sizes:  965 SF, 1,693 SF, 2,730 SF, 2,934 SF.
  • Owner’s Rental Program: Optional (50%/50% Net Profit Split)
  • Pets:  Medium size dogs allowed
  • HOA Fee: $0.35/sq.ft.
  • (6) Rental Rooms: On Second Floor Main Beach side Bld.
  • Beach side Pool:  Large, Split levels
  • Beach side Pier: 217′
  • I.D. SC01
  • MLS#


Presenting The opulent Serenity Beach Resort is located in Belize, 0.25 miles north of the Placencia Airstrip. The stunning 2.4 acres of beachfront at Serenity Beach Resort are home to 12 beach villas with studio, 2BR, and 4BR layouts on the first and second floors. The villas range in size from 965 to 2,934 square feet. The property can either be operated as a resort full-time or as a resort by selling all 12 beach villas with strata titles. Below are the estimated prices for unit sales. Furthermore, the main beachfront building of the resort houses:

Ground Floor: Open deck with bar, HOBBS Brewery, many offices, storage areas, and reception desk. brewing Not offered for sale at the resort. will be moved when the property is sold.
First floor: main bar and restaurant, office, storage area, and six rental rooms.
Second Floor: features a huge wrap-around open terrace with amazing 360-degree views, two small bars, and more.

The 217-foot seaside pier offers breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean, and the split-level beachside pool is perfect for lounging and enjoying the sun.The Serenity Beach Resort provides an opulent and tranquil sanctuary.

Situated among all the attractions in the area, the resort is situated on the 16-mile Placencia peninsula, approximately two miles north of Placencia Village in southern Belize. The Serenity Beach Resort is currently under development and almost finished, with an opening date of 2024. The resort will be designed architecturally by ab2architects and constructed by R&B Development Co. Ltd., both located in Placencia.

Savor the beauty of the white beach and the peace and quiet of The Serenity Beach Resort. Grab the opportunity to acquire a portion of the idyllic Belizean landscape. Make travel plans as soon as possible to experience this stunning resort for yourself. SC01 is the MLS #. But then again

The luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle offered by The Serenity Beach Resort is ideal for anyone seeking a tranquil haven in a tropical paradise. The resort’s beach villas are tastefully built, imaginatively furnished, and furnished with all the modern comforts you could want along with stunning views of the ocean. Every villa boasts a large living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and modern, comfortable bedrooms complete with private bathrooms.Moreover

Rum Point Marina across the street from HOBBS Brew Barge

One of its most alluring features is the marina, which will provide 53 proposed boat berths for sale. With direct access to the inner lagoon from the marina to the sea entrance of the sea, boat owners may easily explore Placencia’s stunning coastline and beyond in just ten minutes by boat.

The resort’s location is ideal for those who appreciate being in the sea. The spacious, split-level swim-up oceanfront pool provides guests with a calm and relaxing environment in which to unwind, while Rum Point’s pristine waters offer wonderful opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Experienced professionals will be in charge of the Serenity Beach Resort’s management, ensuring that every aspect of the guest experience is attended to. The resort’s concierge service will assist visitors with scheduling transportation, meal reservations at neighboring restaurants, and excursions like land and sea tours. To sum up


Grab the opportunity to acquire a portion of the idyllic Belizean landscape. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy Placencia’s magnificent natural surroundings is the Serenity Beach Resort near Rum Point Marina. To experience the luxury and sophistication of the resort for yourself, book a reservation with us right now.This is your chance to purchase a beachfront property on southern Belize’s breathtaking 16-mile Placencia Peninsula. SC01 is the MLS #.


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Main Building | Placencia Peninsula Road
Main Entrance Building

Perfect Swimming Grounds

Jan 5′ 24

JANUARY 29′ 2024


Planned Rum Point Marina

From HOBBS Brew Barge Looking At Beach Resort