Island Breeze – fractional island home

  • PRICE: $230,000 US (1/10 Fractional Ownership) 10%. (6) Available for purchase.
  • Type: Fractional Ownership
  • Status: Active (Delivered January 2024)
  • House Rooms: 5BR/4BTH + (3) 1/2 BTH. 1 on each floor
  • Structure Type: Concrete & Steel Rebar (5,552 sq.ft. Total)
  • Ground Floor: (1,829 sq.ft. not including Utility Room),
  • First Floor: (1,959 sq.ft.)
  • Roof Top: (1,764 sq.ft.) with Pool
  • Location: Placencia Caye. 200 yards off Placencia Village Point
  • Amenities: Submersible Electricity & Spring Water From Mainland
  • Boat Dock: Behind Home on Inner Canal

A limited number of owners will have the exceptional chance to purchase a portion of the magnificent island mansion with a breathtaking 360-degree vista, boasting a million dollar view, at Island Breeze fractional ownership. This is the purchase to make if you want a hassle-free, low-maintenance holiday! Situated a short distance from the beach/laguna at the southern tip of the 16-mile Placencia peninsula, often known as “Placencia Village,” in the southern region of Belize. Furthermore

Individual owners will receive five weeks annually through Vision Properties Belize Ltd., one of the best island development and management businesses in this region, for their own use or rental. In southern Belize, this management company has a proven track record of successfully managing a number of fractional properties on beaches and islands. A few of these are the well-known island known as “Little Harvest Caye,” which is located about 0.5 miles off Placencia Village Point’s coast. Kanu Island and “Enclave” are a couple of others. Furthermore

The management team had previously co-developed Little Harvest Caye near Placencia Village point, which today is still a success. Two of the current proprietors of Little Harvest Caye are also the developers of Island Breeze. Moreover

You are free to rent or use the five weeks as you see fit at Island Breeze. There is a reasonable rotation mechanism for the owners via the management business if you are just going to use a few of the weeks and rent out the others. To sum up

We cordially invite you to join our community of owners and experience the unique sensation that comes with owning a piece of this paradise.


  • FIRST 2 SHARES: $150,000 US – SOLD!
  • SECOND 2 SHARES: $175,000 US – SOLD!
  • THIRD 2 SHARES: $230,000 US – Available
  • FOURTH 2 SHARES: $250,000 US – Available
  • FIFTH 2 SHARES: $250,000 US – Available

Ground Floor Lounge/Bar Facing Harbor
2nd Floor Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen Open Area

2nd Floor Kitchen

2nd Level Kitchen | Dining | Living Room
Spacious Bathrooms
Second Level Harbor View

Pool On Third Floor

3rd Floor Top Deck Bar / Lounge / Pool
First Floor
First Floor

Next Door Neighbor | Placencia Village Boat Harbor, Seaside

Placencia Village Point @ Left . Villa To The Right On Placencia Caye