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When the global economy started plummeting, so did the global real estate market. The Austrian Alps and other real estate markets around the world are not getting any sales, and real estate prices are yo-yoing at certain times when finally stopping at low real estate rates. This means that if you are planning to invest on real estate properties, where and when should be the question you should be asking yourself. We feel that Belize Real Estate is the answer for many reasons.

The thing is, Belize has the answers to those questions. Located in Central America, Belize has a very tropical atmosphere that is coveted by everyone around the world. The country is receiving a steadily increasing number of tourists annually, making it the top visited country in the Caribbean. Belize is quintessentially Caribbean. It is a country of paradise that is protected, with unmolested beach shores unlike other countries in Central America.

Belize has emerged as one of the top no-tax havens in the world and as a very attractive expat and retirement haven-and it’s just a mere two hour flight from the United States.

This small, beautiful Caribbean nation in Central America is rated by Hoyt Barber, author of eleven books and offshore expert, as one of his T-8 tax havens and offshore banking centers-a favored jurisdiction, having the strongest bank secrecy laws anywhere. And, Belize has opposed signing a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with the United States or Canada. Many more features place this offshore financial center very high on Barber’s list of choices.

Belize is also an extremely attractive retirement haven for those at least 45 years old who qualify. And, it is an expat haven for virtually anyone who wants to enjoy life, reduce taxes, increase financial opportunity, and avoid increasing government intrusion and bureaucracy at home.

This unique sub-tropical and financial paradise, called “mother nature’s best kept secret,” has loads to offer foreign residents:

  • No taxes on foreign earned income nor on income and profits generated through a Belize International Business Company (IBC); tax incentives; and a host of local tax breaks
  • A stable government based on English common law
  • Strong local currency and use of the U.S. dollar
  • English as the main language
  • Good schools
  • Year-round sub-tropical climate
  • Great outdoor recreation
  • Friendly people; receptive to foreign visitors and foreign residents
  • Abundant natural resources and boundless beauty
  • Plenty of land for private and commercial building and development
  • Reasonably priced real estate, all types of properties, including palm tree-lined white beaches
  • Excellent international health insurance is available for foreign residents
  • U.S. tax advantages to second home ownership
  • The best financial and banking services and strict bank secrecy laws found anywhere
  • One of the few best no-tax havens in the world today
  • A first-rate expat haven with a top program to attract retirees known as the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP).

The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) is easy for qualification, and relatively inexpensive. The processing time frame from application to acceptance is approximately three months. A striking feature of the QRP program is its ease and simplicity. To qualify, you need be at least 45 years old-and if you are a couple, just one of you must be of this age-and you need not be in Belize to pursue qualification for the QRP. And, once you are accepted, you need spend only thirty days a year to keep your residency in good standing. Further, although you must show a source of income from outside Belize of at least US $2,000.00 per month, it may come from any documented source, including pensions, social security, and even foreign-earned income from your business, your own offshore company, or from work anywhere outside Belize. The only restriction is that you may not work within Belize, although you can own and run a business in Belize, and, as a foreign resident, will be rewarded with incentives for that, too, should you wish to do so.

Qualification for the QRP offers many benefits including your legal permanent residency status as well as total and permanent exemption from all taxes in Belize including income tax, estate tax, capital gains taxes, etc. You may also bring your household goods (up to US $15,000) and an automobile, and even a light aircraft and a boat into Belize free of duty and taxes.

Foreign earned income is also exempt from personal and business taxes in Belize. Income can also be earned tax-free while residing in Belize simply by having your own Belize International Business Company (IBC). Incorporation is available through Barber Financial Advisers As a shareholder, you may pay yourself dividends-tax free. You can also transfer personal and business assets, business cash flow and personal income to the IBC, providing the means to pay future dividends. At the same time, you will gain the best asset protection that can be found anywhere. Pension income is also exempt from income tax, making Belize financially attractive in many ways for expatriates from North America and elsewhere.

Belize also has the best offshore trust laws in the world, as described on our Website at the link “Asset Protection Trusts and Foundations.” And, formation services are available through Barber Financial Advisors To qualify under the QRP, an applicant must receive an income of not less than US $2,000 a month from any documented source outside of Belize. There is a simple certification process to meet their requirement. A background check is also required. We can help with the details.

The cost to gain QRP status follows:

  • At time of application – BGF service and application fees US $1,990.00US $1,990.00
  • Upon acceptance – QRP applicant fee $1,000.00QRP Residency Card fee $200.00QRP fee, per dependent (spouse and/or children) $750.00

Also, the Belize real estate market is one of the best selling in the region and areas such as Placencia Peninsula and San Pedro on Ambergris Caye are the areas of most interest in the country.

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