• PRICE: $1M US Over-Water Unit: (24) 1BR/1BTH, (840 SF)
  • PRICE: $3.6M US Over The Water Unit: (3) 3BR/3BTH, (3,247 SF) @ Point of Each Pier.
  • PRICE: Penthouse: (2) 3BR/3BTH, (4,000 SF) Above Club House Bld. 3rd floor- Not for sale
  • STATUS: Active New
  • TYPE: Ultra Modern Private Island | Fractional Ownership (3%) Ownership of the (27) Over The Water Units. (1) Unit assigned per owner/entity.
  • ISLAND SIZE: 6 Acres
  • LOCATION: 7 Miles East of Placencia Village Point, Placencia Peninsula
  • Helipad
  • I.D. IA1
  • MLS # N/A

The Grand Reef ……… “Ultra Modern Private Island Luxury Living At Its Finest”

The Grand Reef

The Grand Reef is located in southern Belize, about 7 miles east of the well-known 16-Mile Beach Placencia Peninsula. The Placencia village, which is just a 15-minute boat journey from the island, contains all the conveniences one may need, including grocery stores, shops, restaurants, bars, banks, pharmacies, etc. Moreover

This government-approved project which is distinctive and incredibly rare, will provide individuals in need of a truly outstanding private island flavor with true tropical, exotic, and peaceful surroundings together with a high-end ultra modern setting and International feel. This picturesque and sophisticated island will provide complete stress-free seclusion by fusing both ultra-modern, tropical rustic, and elegance.

The lavish ones will love the superbly furnished future larger villas (4,000 SF) with private pools and (27) over the water villas with glass floors. With the push of a button, the villa’s walls slide open to reveal the serene Caribbean Sea. The island genuinely encourages a balanced view of excess. It is surrounded by pure white beaches, a canopy of thick tropical vegetation, and crystal blue waters with unobstructed 360° views of the Caribbean Sea. This luxury island will undoubtedly be extraordinary and extravagant in many ways. This is a fantastic chance for you to get a piece of this unique island beauty! Furthermore

The Grand Reef Belize will be the first of its kind in Belize and will only be available to six lucky future villa owners, 27 owners of over-water villas, and two owners of penthouses above the clubhouse’s third floor. It will provide the best in international design and construction of premium European furniture, accessories, and appliances as well as construction using local exotic hardwoods and a unique high-tech solar system. Electronic closing barriers, exclusive infinity pools, a clubhouse, a private helicopter service, and a spa are also available to owners. Furthermore

The Club House

On the first floor of the three-story Club House Building at The Grand Reef, there will be a high-end restaurant with a shared open pool, closed walls, and stunning views of the dazzling Caribbean Sea. A fitness center and an entertainment space with a view of the Caribbean Sea will be on the second floor. There will be two (2) 3BR/3BR Penthouses, each with 4,000 SF, on the third story. The sights from these I’ll leave up to your imagination. In summary

We will provide more in-depth information and graphics of this incredibly special area as this 6 acres island develops. “This one is going to be really unique in so many ways.” I’m hoping you’ll participate in it!

The Island


Over The Water Units

Payment Schedule For (1BR) Over The Water (OTW) Units

($1M US)

  • $150,000 US (15%): Deposit Due upon signing of contract (held in escrow) until start of pier (1) of 3 in 12 months thereafter.
  • $283,333 US: Due at the start of the foundation of pier 1.
  • $283,333 US: Due at the start of the walls, roof, electrical, plumbing on assigned unit pier 1.
  • $283,333 US: Due upon completion of furnishings of said ready unit.

Payment Schedule For (3BR) Over The Water (OTW) Units

($3.6M US)

  • $540,000 US (15%): Deposit Due upon signing of contract (held in escrow) until start of pier 1 of 3 in 12 months thereafter.
  • $1,020,000 US: Due at the start of the foundation of pier 1.
  • $1,020,000 US: Due at the start of walls, roof, electrical, plumbing on assigned unit.
  • $1,020,000 US: Due upon completion of furnishings of said unit.

Fractional Ownership Usage Info

Each OTW Unit Owners are allowed usage of up to 6 Months per year. The first 2 months will be free of charges. The remaining 4 months will have a set usage rate of $1,500 US/Mth. to cover expenses of their stay. The remaining 6 months in the year will be rented out by the management company with a (50%/50%) Net Profit Split. Quarterly reports and dividends to be distributed to individual owners.

The Grand Reef Owners also have the option to use their 2 free months per year and rent out the remaining 10 months per year via the management company.

Owners will have the full usage of the entire island amenities i.e., club house, bars and restaurant, other island bars and lounge areas, pool, health facility on 2nd level of clubhouse but “not including” the 3rd Floor (2) Penthouses owned by the developer.

The island units will be rented per night as part of an overall “Luxury Island Resort”

Club House

(2) Penthouses | 3BR/3BTH | 4,000 SF
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