217 AC Teak Farm

  • Price: $2.650,000 US
  • Size: 217 Acres
  • Status: Active
  • Location: 4 Miles North Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek District
  • ID: FS02
  • MLS:

217 AC Teak Farm

What a great way to diversify and put your money into a green, long-term opportunity – either for yourself, or as a legacy investment for your family.

217 acres Teak Farm of well drained, rich Mayflower mountain run-off soil located 150 KM (90 Miles) south of Belize City International airport, and 20 KM (12 miles) south of Dangriga regional airport. The closest village is Silk Grass Village, 7 KM (4 miles) south of the farm.

The farm is located contiguous to government maintained, year-round access dirt roads. Approximately 180 acres of teak plantation that has been thinned, pruned, and repeatedly fertilized with Nitrogen soil amendments.

Approximately 80,000 teak trees, now 12-14 years old are well established and growing freely. When harvested, the stumps of the existing trees will produce a new crop without the need to re-seed, or plant seedlings.

This 217 acres Teak Farm total tree heights of 25 meters (80 + feet) with average diameters of 20 cm (8+ inches). The property includes a two-story metal custodian house and storage building, diesel generator for power, fresh water well, and well-maintained interior access roads.

Teak Stand Projected Potential value/acre in US$
The stand exhibits growth and performance of similar teak plantations found in higher elevation sites in Costa Rica of 50-80 foot trees, at 10 years growth.

Potential Yield / Acre

 Harvest atFarmTrees CutCubic MetresPrice PerHarvest Value
 Age/YearsAcreagePer AcrePer TreeCubic MetrePer Cycle

(please note – the prices stated per cubic meter reflect today’s market valuation for age and girth and future pricing has not been adjusted for inflation. It is further assumed that once the trees reach twenty years they will have reached their prime market value, and it is not anticipated that the price paid per cubic meter will increase substantially as they continue to grow. Please consult an industry expert for confirmation before purchasing)
_________________________________________________________________________________________For This 217 AC Teak Farm, the target market is exportable pruned  logs 100 cm (40 inches) in width, 6 meters (20 feet) length. Likely markets are India, China, and various SE Asia markets. No additional volume in tops or limbs of less than 6 meters (20 feet) is assumed.

ITTO market reporting suggests US$500/Cubic Meter in real pricing is realistic for target tree size in 20 -25 years’ time, while trees thinned in 12–20-year-old stands would bring approximately US$250/Cubic Meter.

Alternatives suggest real returns in excess of 8% (no cost, or revenue inflation) and not considering residual stand and timber value are reasonable. In addition, the plantation will self-regenerate itself after each cutting, and the value of the land, which has not been factored in, will steadily increase.

International market access from two deep water ports

Farm distance from:  Belize City Port – 60 km /  Big Creek Port – 60km