False Caye Placencia Peninsula

  • Price: $12M US
  • Size:   60 Acres Island
  • Status:  Active
  • Location: 3/4 of a mile east of Maya Beach
  • I.D. I 02
  • MLS#
False Caye Placencia Belize is a  wonderful and pristine 60 Acres Island located just a quarter of a mile off the coast of Maya Beach on the famous Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize. In addition

Comes with a pre approved large scale Resort / Residential plan from 2008. Plan includes approved submersible electrical lines to the island. False Caye Placencia BelizePlan would have to be updated with the Department of Environment (DOE) who approved it previously. A Private Island For Sale Placencia in addition

Other option is for the new developer to apply for new plan approval. An ideal location for a high end private Island project. Due to its close proximity (3/4 of a mile) to the Maya Beach area of the Placencia peninsula, it offers stunning 360 degree views from the island. Looking West one will see the beautiful Placencia peninsula beach with the Placencia lagoon and Maya Mountains in the backdrop. In addition to this description, the sunsets over the mountains are a calm and picturesque.

There are many possibilities for development of the island. Being so close to the Placencia allows for utilities which are essential for use of concrete auger pilings etc. This alone is “unique” to any other island off the coast excluding Little Harvest Caye and Enclave which are both within a half mile off the southern tip of the peninsula. Both are successful due to being allowed utilities to the near island. For False Caye development, having utilities allows for addition amenities such as AC in all buildings and rental units, rooms. This is special in it self. For False Caye Placencia Belize

Once this private development island in Belize is sold, there will be no other of the size and close proximity to the peninsula. This is a very special opportunity for an experienced developer.

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