COVE Oceanside Resort & Residences

     “New Project”

  • Prices: $580,464 US – $1,891,832 US
  • Price Option: 50% Discounted On “5-Year Guaranteed Title Program” Via Escrow Agent. Management Co. Covers All Expenses Though out Period. This Program Allows 3 Weeks Per Year Owner Use.
  • Type: Resort
  • Status: Active
  • Floors: 5
  • Buildings: 6
  • Pools: 4
  • Building 1 (17 Units)
  • Units: (1BR/1.5BTH), (2BR/2BTH), (3BR/3.5BTH) Penthouses 2,754 sq.ft/2,342 sq.ft
  • HOA Fees: $300 US/Mth. for 2BR & 3BR Units. $500 US/Mth. for Penthouses.
  • Location: North Area Placencia peninsula
  • I.D. CNB1
  • MLS #

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COVE Oceanside Resort – 

Defined by a spirit of relaxation and adventure, “COVE Oceanside Resort & Residences” brings an exclusive resort experience to the picturesque Placencia peninsula. An indulgent spa, fully equipped fitness center, four pools, 2 restaurants, luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views elevate the resort beyond paradise.

COVE Oceanside Resort & Residences offer the ultimate in luxury with thoughtfully designed 1,2,3 bedroom condos that boast a meticulously curated decor with hand selected natural materials and custom designed furnishings with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, the Placencia lagoon and the Maya Mountains. With a fully equipped gourmet kitchen and state of the art appliances, imported porcelain floors throughout and technology enhancements such as 55″ smart LED televisions with bluetooth sound systems, YORK high tech AC system,  the residences offer the ultimate in luxury space. Furnished terraces overlooking the azure waves of the Caribbean Sea or the tranquil beauty of the Placencia lagoon are ideal venues to unwind and relax. The master bedroom , itself a tranquil haven with pillow top mattress and impeccable furniture and accessories, is complimented by the master bath with the glass enclosed rain forest shower, double stone vanities and amenities that ensure pampered beyond expectation. The 3 bedroom penthouses are the epitome of luxury and space. Walk into a grand foyer and relax beneath vaulted ceilings. With upgraded amenities throughout , impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled vistas of the Caribbean Sea, the penthouses set the stage for a truly elevated lifestyle…… “Are you with us”?

The developer looks forward to your feedback in order to perfect this very special project. completion/move in date for Phase 1 (Building-1 and Swimming Pool-1) will be May’ 2018. Building-2 has recently started. The developer plans to give Placencia peninsula a development in which we can all  be proud of.


  1. *What Makes this Investment So Special From All The Others?……… 
    • This project has full funding in place and requires no pre construction scheduled payments from buyers as most other similar development projects.
    • High quality construction and very high end furnishings throughout. “fully furnished units”.
    • Located in a high value real estate community. Consistent property value increases.
    • 1,500 feet of beautiful Caribbean seafront with Main Lagoon & Maya Mountain views.
    • Many decades of construction & development experience by developer in USA/Belize.

    1.) Cash Buyer: Will have unlimited use of unit and can enter into a rental program (50%/50% net profit split) with COVE Management Company if desired.
    2.) 50% Downpayment – “COVE 5 -Year Guarantee Program”: Buyers will pay a 1 time 50% payment “only” of unit price at signing of contract and will receive title automatically from escrow agent “Belize Law Firm” in exactly 5 years. Buyer will allow the COVE Management Company to rent out the unit for a period of 5 years. Rental profits will go to COVE Management Company only for this 5 year period. At the 5 year mark, the Unit “Strata Title” will automatically be transferred from legal council directly to buyer. Naturally at this point, the unit’s value will have increased drastically. This is an ideal investment condo unit or for a planned retirement unit. Once the 5 years term is completed and title transferred to buyer, the new owner will have the option to enter into the Management rental program or not.
    Note: All buyers under either above option will have (3 Weeks/year) for their vacation or visit dates. Advanced booking required for date selections.

  2. RESERVED UNITS: $5,000 US “non-refundable” deposit required to reserve a unit. Buyer has the option to change to another unit “if available” at that time.Once unit is fully furnished and walk through completed (May 2018), purchase agreement will be required within 14 working days. Architecture by ab2architect of Placencia, Belize. Construction by R & B Construction Co. Ltd. of Placencia, Belize.
  • Architecture by ab2architects of Placencia, Belize
  • Construction by R & B Construction Co. Ltd. of Placencia, Belize

*PHASE 1 (Building 1) –

GROUND FLOOR (3 Units)               SIZE                               50%            PRICE US$
• A1: North Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,318 sf)        $377,244.50     $754,489.10
• A2: South Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,289 sf)        $368,944.00     $737,888.00
• A3: South Unit “Road Side”- 1BR/1.5BTH (1,014 sf)    $290,232.00     $580,464.00
FLOOR 1 (4 Units)
• B1: North Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,318 sf)        $396,106.00     $792,213.00
• B2: South Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,289 sf)        $387,391.00     $774,782.00
• B3: North Unit “Road Side” – 2BR/2BTH (1,453 sf)     $436,678.00     $873,358.00
• B4: South Unit “Road Side” – 1BR/1.5BTH (1,030 sf)  $310,153.00     $620,306.00
• C1: North Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,318 sf)         $417,831.00    $835,662.00
• C2: South Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,289 sf)        $405,838.00     $811,676.00
• C3: North Unit “Road Side” – 2BR/2BTH (1,453 sf)      $457,473.00     $914,946.00
• C4: South Unit “Road Side” – 1BR/1.5BTH (1,030 sf)   $324,922.00     $649,845.00
• D1: North Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,318 sf)        $433,831.00     $867,663.00
• D2: South Unit “Seafront” – 2BR/2BTH (1,289 sf)        $424,285.00     $848,570.00
• D3: North Unit “Road Side” – 2BR/2BTH (1,453 sf)     $478,268.00     $956,536.00
• D4: South Unit “Road Side” – 1BR/1.5BTH (1,030 sf)  $339,692.00     $679,384.00
◦ P1: North Side Unit “Sea To Road” – 3BR/3.5BTH (2,754 sf)  $884,034     $1,891,832
◦ P2: South Side Unit “Sea To Road” – 3BR/3BTH (2,342 sf)     $751,782     $1,608,814